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Slick by Colin Galbraith



"Galbraith is a very talented writer. Consider me a fan!"

-Jeff Rivera

"A cracker of a read. Five stars, hugely enjoyable."

-Jamie MacGarry

"A great read - perfect for the holidays."

-Norma Robertson

"I really enjoyed this book and it was one of the few I found myself really not being able to put down once I started it, the book never seems to drag and I would like to read further adventures of the dectective within the book."

-Darren Dixon

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading Slick, the first of Colin's books I've read and I'll certainly read more. I began to lose sympathy for the main character but the turn of events brought me back on side. Colin's writing style is great and the story, although maybe not novel, was well composed and kept me reading."

-Gig (from Amazon Reviews)

"With a plot that cracks along, charting the descent of a once-rich businessman who's up to his neck in trouble and now descending into alcoholism and the seedier sides of Leith, Colin's created a fantastic book that's all too real. Living locally to the main settings in the book, there are some bars nearby that I will probably never set foot in after reading this!

Move over Ian Rankin - there's a new boy in town."

-Grant T. Mason

"Brilliant read. The people, places and the plot(s) were very descriptive and graphic throughout and never lost pace. I couldn't stop reading it. Please give us more of DI Lennox."

-Alex (from Amazon Reviews)

"A great read that powers at 100mph throughout - Colin has created a novel with dark moments and savage humour that Irvine Welsh would be proud of, without Welsh's tiresome drug and rave obsessions. Here's hoping we haven't seen the last of DI Lennox! I would definately recommend this novel."

-Alan G (from Amazon Reviews)

"A gripping and enthralling novel from the start. A great read and I'm looking forward to the next one..."

-Scullery Press (from Amazon Reviews)

"A great read. A rip snorter of a thriller. So fast i could barely read it as the words were going blurry. Twists and turns like a 1950s rock n roller."

-Reviewer A

"I really enjoyed it, I could not put it down till I had it finished."

-Darren Dixon

"Brilliant! A winner. Congrats on a great story."

-Stevie Ward

This is a graphic, thrilling, violent but gripping novel that is responsible for me getting hardly any sleep overnight, as I just HAD to see what happened next! If you like the Steig Larsson books, you will enjoy this one. Well done Colin, a great novel!

-June Louise Laurenson (from Goodreads)

"A really good read; a page turner!."

-Devon Ellington

"I enjoyed the book; the start immediately gripped me and had me wanting to read further."

-Lindsay Galbraith

"A brilliant book."

-Stephen Nixon

"I just finished your book Slick, really enjoyed it. Couldn't put the Kindle down till I finished it!"

-Grant Ritchie

"I've just finished reading Slick! It was really good. Brilliant fast paced story :) I will seek out Stella now."

-Ann Tocher

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading 'Slick'. I thought the characters were great, very believable, and I was caught up in the story very quickly. I actually finished it really quickly as I couldn't put it down! I would definately recommend reading it!."

-LouLind (Amazon)

"A great read. A rip snorter of a thriller. So fast i could barely read it as the words were going blurry. Twists and turns like a 1950s rock n roller."

-Amazon Reviewer