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June 2010

Hello and welcome to The Patter, the monthly newsletter for Scottish writer, Colin Galbraith.

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In this month's edition:

  • Latest News
  • Competition Result
  • Free Poetry
  • Closing Words


My latest book, SILLY POEMS FOR WEE PEOPLE VOL.2, which was released in April is doing very well. Sales have been much better than expected and I'm delighted thjat it has proved to be so popular.

If you want to buy a copy it's really easy...

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I've been mega busy on the novel writing front since my last newsletter. I completed the first draft of BACCARA BURNING, the sequel to my popular novella, STELLA. Work on the rewrites to GATECRASH are well underway and because the manuscript was left for so long (almost two years) it's almost like writing a brand new book. And the final draft of GREENER IS THE GRASS is almost ready for sending out to publishers. It's an exciting time!

My poem LOVE IS... will be published in an up-coming anthology from Forward Press. ONE IN A MILLION has been scheduled for publication on 31st July 2010 and will be available from all good bookshops.

The poem was written for, and dedicated to my sister and her husband, and was the one I read out during their wedding ceremony in Perth a few years ago so I'm thrilled to see it published in a volume.

The build up to this years Edinburgh Book Festival has started in earnest. I'm hoping to have a new chapbook released in time, a new collection of poetry based on Edinburgh that is still untitled so stay tuned for more news.


In the April newsletter I offered the chance to win a signed paperback copy of SILLY POEMS FOR WEE PEOPLE VOL.2. The question was: "In which Scottish town was I born in?

A surprising number of you got it wrong. I can catergorically state for the record that I was NOT born in Leith, Edinburgh or anywhere remotely near the east coast of Scotland. I was, in fact, born in PAISLEY.

The winner, rather controversially, came from Greenock: Mr Stevie Ward. A copy of SILLY POEMS VOL.2 will be winging its way to you shortly.


This month's free poem is from my chapbook, POOLSIDE POETRY. Inspired by all the wee crickets one hears in the Med, this poem captures their song.

Criket Song

Like an Aegean seamanís fishing reel
being dragged off the spool
by a darting and persistent marlin
the crickets endlessly call

Never ending from dusk till dawn
in every tree, bush and plant
camouflaged to perfection
a millennia of natural evolution

In our ears they sound
everywhere, all around
In our heads
In our minds
until sound itself

Copyright © Colin Galbraith 2007.
All Rights Reserved.



That's all for this edition of The Patter. Remember to keep an eye on my daily blog, Freedom From The Mundane, for up-to-the-minute news and other exciting things of a Scottish or literary nature.

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